The Water Services department at our Cloudbreak Mine site purchased 2 metric ton of DMI-65 iron and manganese filter media in late 2008.
The treatment plant was commissioned in September 2009. Ground water with low TDS values but elevated levels of Iron and Manganese could be treated other than RO processes to meet drinking water standards. The DMI-65 media used in this treatment plant consistently reduces iron and manganese to ultra low levels.
After filtration through the mentioned media Manganese levels went from 0.939 mg/L to 0.02mg/L when mixed with our other potable water supply.
This product has consistently proved to be effective and efficient and can recommend DMI-65 for the purpose of removing manganese / iron from a contaminated water source.

Mark Botica - Water Services Supervisor - Fortescue Metals

We have successfully evaluated and proven the effectiveness of DMI-65 water filtration media in reducing manganese and iron levels in water.``

Wayne Hage - Group Technical Manager - Coca Cola - Amatil

Amiad Australia has successfully commissioned their first major installation of filters for the removal of iron from bore water, to provide suitable water quality for an irrigation system to a new residential development in Western Australia. Previous efforts to treat the water had been unsuccessful until Amiad Australia was engaged to provide a pressure media system that incorporates the revolutionary new DMI 65 media.

Amiad - Amiad Water Systems

Further to your request for feedback on the performance of the DM 65 in the domestic water purification on our site we have the following comments.

KSS changed over to DM 65 in early 2005.
The change over from green sand to the DM 65 was no problem.
The DM 65 product has been virtually maintenance free.
The levels of both Fe, Mg and As have decreased since your product has been in use in the filters.
The operation of our plant has not changed and not given us any problems since introducing DM 65.

Mark Gell - Operations Manager - Kemerton Silica Sands

Having used Quantum Filtration Medium DMI 65 in our two iron and manganese removal plants on the South West Health Campus site for the past year it is without difficulty that I am able to recommend the product.

The plant for 4 years had operated unsuccessfully with potassium permanganate, and we had reached total frustration in trying to find a system to satisfactorily remove our high levels of both iron and manganese in a cost-effective manner. With the use of the Quantum product the bore water used for reticulation has been of a consistently clean quality, and our operating costs have been reduced.

Nigel Page - Combined Facilities Manager - St John of God Health Care

V & V Walsh engineering staff decided to trial a new technology developed and supplied locally by Quantum Filtration from Bunbury. They installed a new water filtration system specifically designed for treating bore water for Iron and Manganese removal. This is a new product on the market and has approval from the US Water Quality Association to the standard NSF/ANSI 21 for potable water use. This certificate of validation for the new product known as DMI65 also states the material safety of the media has earned the gold seal from the US Water Quality Association.

Graham Briggs - V & V Walsh G

We then modified the existing system to incorporate the Quantum media by

Remove existing media
Repair damaged laterals
Clean vessels and manifolds
Install under-bed gravel and Quantum media
Repair damaged backwash valves
Remove the mixing tank and reticulation pump from the system
Modify control system to
Initiate backwash by volume processed
Control maximum and minimum flow, pressure and backwash rates
Decommission mixing tank and reticulation pump controls
Facilitate chemical injection on volumetric basis
Install Sodium Hypochloride injection system

Stuart Hair, General Manager - Southern Irrigation

After an extensive search for a solution that was both effective and cost efficient we were advised to contact Quantum Filtration Medium P/L. They recommended their new water filtration media DMI-65. We were assured that their product DMI-65 would remove the iron and manganese to a level that would enable us to discharge the treated water into the Swan River as required by the DoE and the SRT.

James Sebbes - Mobile Dewatering

In November of 2004, Aquasol was commissioned to design and build a chemical treatment plant for all water usage operations on site, whist complying with AQIS (Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services) standards for both potable water sources and export-grade processing waters.

AquaSol - Clint Roberts