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New DMI-65 Infusion Technology

• Tailor made for the removal of Manganese & Iron
• Silica sand based granular material, its active ingredients are permanently fused into the grain
• DMI-65 performs role of catalyst to promote oxidation of iron and manganese in solution into precipitate
• Other heavy metals including Arsenic may also be removed
• DMI-65 can also remove Hydrogen Sulphide.
• Also performs highest quality mechanical filtration
• Manufactured in Western Australia

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DMI-65 is the Most Cost Effective Process for Iron and Manganese Removal
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DMI-65 is Safe for Drinking Water Applications Certified: NSF/ANSI 61 & UK Reg. 31

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DMI-65 has a unique long life span of up to 5 - 10 years, unlike other water filtration products.


DMI-65 is a revolutionary Advanced Oxidation Catalytic Filtration Media designed for the  removal of iron and manganese. DMI-65  Infusion Technology increases the micro-porous catalytic surface  area, efficiently removing more dissolved iron and manganese to as low 0.001 ppm.


How It Works

This paper provides users of DMI-65 catalytic media with qualitative information about how the material works, its capabilities and limitations and enable them to apply the material to water treatment processes, in appropriate manner and with confidence.


Product Certification

This Standard establishes minimum health effects requirements for the chemical contaminants and impurities that are indirectly imparted to drinking water from products, components, and materials used in drinking water systems.


Uses of DMI-65

In addition to the basic human right to have access to clean and safe drinking water, most industries that use water in their production require water purification to ensure integrity of their products of the highest quality and that the performance of their processing or manufacturing equipment is not compromised.
  • Municipal Drinking Water Applications
  • Reverse Osmosis Protection and Pre-treatment
  • Arsenic Removal
  • Food and Beverage
  • Landscape and Irrigation Systems
  • Pre-treatment for Cooling Towers and Boilers
  • Treatment for Environmental Discharge
  • Industrial Applications
  • Water Irrigation Systems
  • Mining Applications

Our Clients

International Clients include: Itochu Corporation, GE Water, Siemens, Nalco, Orica, Bauer International Corporation, Lautan Luas, Aquatrol, Amiad Water Solutions, Timex, Water Technology Cape, Water Science Technologies.

Australian Clients

Aquacorp - Authorized Wholesaler
Amiad Water Systems, Aquasol, Australian Medical Diagnostics, CleanTeq, Coca Cola
Saint John of God Hostpital, Nalco, Osmoflo, Siemens, GE, Veolia, Watercorp

International Clients

Itochu Corporation, GE Water, Siemens, Nalco, Orica, Bauer International Corporation, PT Lautan Luas, Aquatrol Russia, Amiad Water Solutions, Timex, Water Technologies Cape, Water Science Technologies

Australian Mining Projects

Austar Coal Mine, Ulan Coal Mine, Fortescue Metals Group Cloudbreak Minesite, MMG Golden Grove Minesite

We have successfully evaluated and proven the effectiveness of DMI-65 water filtration media in reducing manganese and iron levels in water.

Wayne Hage - Group Technical ManagerCoca Cola Amatil

Amiad Australia has successfully commissioned their first major installation of filters for the removal of iron from bore water, to provide suitable water quality for an irrigation system to a new residential development in Western Australia. Previous efforts to treat the water had been unsuccessful until Amiad Australia was engaged to provide a pressure media system that incorporates the revolutionary new DMI-65 media.

Amiad Water SystemsAustralia

Having used Quantum Filtration Medium DMI-65 in our two iron and manganese removal plants on the South West Health Campus site for the past year it is without difficulty that I am able to recommend the product. The plant for 4 years had operated unsuccessfully with potassium permanganate, and we had reached total frustration in trying to find a system to satisfactorily remove our high levels of both iron and manganese in a cost-effective manner. With the use of the Quantum product the bore water used for reticulation has been of a consistently clean quality, and our operating costs have been reduced.

Nigel Page - Combined Facilities ManagerSt John of God Health Care