In addition to the basic human right to have access to clean and safe drinking water, most industries that use water in their production require water purification to ensure integrity of their products of the highest quality and that the performance of their processing or manufacturing equipment is not compromised.
Water for consumption or used in food processing industries needs to be clean, with iron and manganese well below regulated levels, low in hardness and alkalinity and free of undesirable taste odours and chlorine.


Water used in processing industries and systems need water that is treated for the removal of iron and manganese in order to achieve the highest possible performance from their systems. This performance can be a measure of output or downtime for maintenance.

Impact on the Environment must also be addressed. Spent water, or output from dewatering operations must have excess iron and manganese removed in order to avoid damage to the ecosystem output areas. Facilities must be compliant, chemical reduced, discharges recycled and minimised.