Laguna Water upgrades filtration system

By admin
In July 16, 2014

MANILA, Philippines – Laguna Water Co., a subsidiary of Ayala-led Manila Water, is now using a modern filtration system that addresses recurring water quality
problems in its concession area.
In a statement, Manila Water said the filtration system, called DMI-65, adjusts the level of iron and manganese contents in water to a level that conforms with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW).
As required by the PNSDW, iron and manganese levels should not exceed one milligram per liter (mg/l) and 0/4 mg/l, respectively.
Before the provision of this water filtration system, residents in the concession area managed their own deep-well facilities which the company said yield excessive amounts of iron ang manganese.
Excessive amounts of iron and manganese cause water to have a yellowish tinge, fishy smell and leave brownish stains on tiles, pails and other non-metallic kitchen wares.

“Sensing that the solution to their problem is beyond their fields of expertise, Laguna Water was invited to take over their water systems very recently. Immediately, Laguna Water made serious efforts to address the problem which had plagued the communities for several years,”

Manila Water said.
Manila Water said the use of DMI-65 is limited only to companies which are technically and financially equipped to maintain the system.

“The use of the DMI-65 by Laguna Water is proof that the company continues to uphold its commitments of quality water for its stakeholders, particularly the local government units and the provincial capitol,”

the company said.
To date, about 30 percent of the population in its concession area is already being served by Laguna Water, up from the 17 percent coverage when it started three years ago.
Laguna Water was formed in partnership with the provincial government of Laguna to improve the delivery of piped water services in the cities of Cabuyao, Santa Rosa and Biñan.
The Public-Private Partnership will run for 25 years.